Sumba Adventure Tour

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Sumba Island is one of tourist destinations for the region of East Nusa Tenggara. Some famous tourist attractions in this area are Sumba traditional houses, sandalwoods, horses, pasola (agility contest in throwing javelins to the opponents from horseback) and megalithic tombs. Below we present some travel packages for tourists who want to visit the island of Sumba.

Sumba Culture Tours
The program gives you the best possible way to go deep into the cultural life of Sumbanese people. The program could be modified in such a way to give you chances to attend funeral ceremonies, which may take place during your visit, yet the places mentioned on the program still to be included if time...
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Sumba Adventure Tours
We offer tailor made Sumba adventure tours and show you the real Sumba Island, With our professional local tour guide and experience driver, We take you to explore the Unique of Sumba Island and with is Culture, Tradition, Architecture and beautiful beaches.
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Sumba Island Tours
The island is also known for its beautiful white sandy beach, rituals tribal life and ancient culture, high peaked thatch roof houses and giant megalithic tombs. In the front of many traditional houses one decorated with huge water buffalo horns and boar’s tusk from the animals sacrificed during rituals of years gone by.
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Sumba Megalitic Toms
The Megalithic tombs are made from the hard stone forming the megalithic shape. The Megalithic tombs are actually located in the front of their houses. A primitive Sumbanese art objects strongly related with a social functions of Merapu belief. The carved stones and wood statues are representing the death, Merapu, and as medium for their...
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Sumba Pasola Ritual War
Pasola is a thanks giving ceremony to the ancestral spirit of people from West Sumba East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba Pasola ceremony happen only once in a year ( FEBRUARY and MARCH ) and date could not be predicted in advance, it is always not in the same date every year. It depends on RATO’S decision...
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Sumba Traditional Village
Sumba island has its own uniqueness and beauty. In general, Sumba is famous for cultural tourism . In such a way we are trying to design tour packages with the shortest duration if the tourists want to travel to Sumba.
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