Wedding & Honeymoon

As we are getting more requests for pre-wedding packages to the island of Komodo, Padar, Gili Laba, Kanawa, Bukit Cinta and surroundings, then we have designed some pre-wedding packages that might interest you own. In addition to pre Wedding packages, we also have some honeymoon packages for those who want to enjoy their honeymoon in Labuan Bajo . Here are some pre-wedding and honeymoon packages that hopefully may be suitable for you.

Komodo Gililaba Padar Pre Wedding
Komodo and surroundings have very exotic sights for pre-wedding activities including Gili Laba, Pink Beach, Padar, Kanawa Island, Kelor Island, Bukit Cinta (Love Hill). If you are still confused in determining the place for pre-wedding photos, just contact us and we can go to some beautiful places that you can use as the background pictures...
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Gili Laba Komodo
Prewedding Photo Tour Packages in Gili Laba, Komodo Island and srroundings are special tour packages that we repack for you before the wedding. We combine this prewedding photo tour packages with komodo dragon tour packages and other tour packages but still the prewedding photo session with the beautiful nature as the bckround is the main...
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Padar Island Prewedding
Prewedding in Bali and other tourist sites is already common, but prewedding in Komodo will look very different and very exotic. Taking prewedding photos in Komodo and its surroundings have become one of the dreams and hopes of the majority of young couples in Indonesia! The beauty of the nature and the charm of the...
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Komodotours Honeymoon
Komodo Tours & Travel is a travel agent creating honeymoon packages for tourists who want to spend their holiday with his partner in Komodo island and Labuan Bajo. Get one of romantic travel packages from us.
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